General Contracting, Design-Build & Construction Management

Hire MKG to complete your next new build or renovation. MKG will ensure every aspect of your project is completed by qualified and professional designers and tradesmen. For one lump sum fee, MKG can complete your building construction project from start to finish. MKG can also act as a Building Consultant for Owners or Consultants who are completing large building construction projects. MKG can provide expert advice with respect to procurement, contract administration including contract price and time adjustment due to changes to the work and construction management. Hiring MKG will ensure that the contractor will be managed with the best interest of the Owner in mind at all times.

Subcontracting - ICI (Institutional/Commercial/Industrial) Interiors

MKG will perform steel stud framing, gypsum board assemblies and acoustical ceilings for bonded General Contractors on institutional and commercial building projects. General Contractors can rely on MKG's expert project management ability to complete their projects on budget and on schedule. For more information visit the Projects tab of this website.

Pre-Construction Services & Cost Consulting

MKG Contracting Services is skilled in cost estimation for large institutional and commercial building construction projects. MKG is able to provide detailed project budgets, construction schedules, cash flow projection summaries, quantity take off lists and complete project estimates. This is useful to Owners and Consultants in determining project budgets during design development. Subtrades can also hire MKG to provide quantity take off services for many divisions of work for ICI projects.

LEED® Projects

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

MKG Contracting Services is intimately familiar with LEED® Certified building projects. MKG can act as the LEED® Consultant for ICI building projects and will assemble the overall plan including the LEED® Checklist complete with a detailed approach plan and active participation in the implementation of the plan and documentation of credits and prerequisites. MKG can also assist General Contractors and Subtrades who require information or assistance with completing LEED® Certified projects.

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